Vegan options in Edinburgh

I live in Edinburgh and this is a great place for Vegans. There are many options available, you’ll find a Vegan sandwich at the airport (to be fair, there is only one on offer) but also in small supermarkets. On market days, you will finde Vegan stalls (in Leith for example) and in the City centre are two restaurants that I really love:

David Bann

Hendersons runs a couple of places, including a Deli and has one Vegan restaurant on Thistle street.

David Bann offers yummie Vegetarian and Vegan options. Every time I go there the food is delicious.

One of the oldest Pubs in Scotland, The Sheep Heid, situated in the old part of Duddingston (close to Arthur’s Seat) introduced a Vegan menu just this year. I love to go there as it has a great atmosphere and Duddingston Loch around the corner.

You certainly will find Vegan options in the Italian, Indian and Scottish restaurants and Cafés. Even the typical High / Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral Hotel can be enjoyed in a Vegan version.

If you go to Edinburgh’s seaside, Portobello, you will find The Beach House, sitting prominently on the Promenade where Vegan Breakfasts, Lunches, Cakes and Beverages are on offer. Their Dirty Chai Latte is really great (I order it with Oat milk).

Vegan produce (like Bars, Tofu, Yogurt etc.) can be found in Holland & Barrett, Real Foods and many small places.
The famous “Fudge House” on the Royal Mile recently also introduced a Vegan Version of the super treat.
So does The Fudge Kitchen (they usually offer 2-3 Vegan versions), also located on the Royal Mile.

As far as accommodation goes, there will be plenty of Vegetarian B&Bs. I know one that also caters for Vegans, McRae’s on East Claremont Street which happens to be an organic B&B as well! Lovely rooms, great hospitality and tasty breakfast.

So coming to Edinburgh for a City break as a Vegan is great. The City itself is called “Athens of the North” and once you have been here, you will know why. I am not a city person but the first time I laid eyes on this beautiful place, I fell in love.





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