Food to go

I will be travelling again soon by car and ferry and already tried to get my head around what food I need to take with me. But today I saw this in my local supermarket. Really happy as sometimes it is necessary to have an “quick & easy” meal.
I am not a fan of ready made food as some of you might have gathered already, but there are times when the options are limited. Maybe you go camping or you just recover from a bad cold or flu and are not back to shape to be in the kitchen yet.

All of those are Vegan and 12 p go to a good cause (Farm Africa). If it were organic, it would actually be perfect!

I have tried other brands as well and liked them. It’s very easy to add your own Veggies or spices and make it a bigger meal, if you’d like to.

So now I am taking my small kettle with me and will have a nice meal when taking the ferry without paying a lot of money 🙂

I don’t know if this product is available outside of the UK, it is made by a UK producer and I found it in Sainsbury’s. So you might have to do a wee research if it is available in your area.



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