The Eco Vegan – Alternative to Cling Film

Before I decided to follow a Vegan Lifestyle, I was already trying to live Eco friendly. For me this was buying Organic Produce as well as Organic Cleaning Products and Cosmetics. Since then the market has immensely grown and almost every regular Supermarket stocks Eco friendly Options.

One of the things I still struggled with though was cling film. I always try to just cover up a bowl with an upside down plate to keep things fresh but for some food this simply doesn’t work.
The same goes for Bread or Cake which I either had to wrap in Cling Film or Aluminium Foil.
In 2018 I tumbled over a new product – an Eco friendly reusable Wrap. Unfortunately every single product I found was produced using Bees Wax, which made me decide not to buy it.

Today I was happy to see that there now is a Vegan Version of this kind of Wrap! Yay!
I bought two of them as one is large (for Bread etc.) and the other pack had two smaller Wraps to cover bowls or other containers.

It is so pleasant to see how the Vegan market seems to be growing by the day and that more and more people consider and Eco-friendly approach.

So in the UK, you can now buy the product as shown below. I found mine in Real Foods in Edinburgh, but I am sure there must be many other Health Food Shops around who will sell them. I am also sure that there are companies in every Country on the Globe now which will offer a similar alternative. Keep your eyes open!

As always, I am happy about any Feedback from my Followers.


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