Vegan Cheese

One thing I really missed when I became a Vegan was Cheese. At the time the Alternatives where scarce and also really really bad. In fact they were awful. As I like a hearty breakfast, I found great Vegetable Spreads made of Pumpkin, Aubergine, Tomatoes etc.

In the past 3 years things have changed and there are now some really good Vegan Cheeses around. Not all of them are available in the UK and some really locally produced and sold (which I like) but I am convinced that this will change in the near future.

There are many books out there now to make your own Vegan Cheese which I always found a wee bit inconvenient for myself as it takes time to make them, in some cases you need a Dehydrator etc. But everybody’s personal situation is different. For a family of 4 or 5 people, it would probably be beneficial to make your own Vegan Cheese.

There are 3 Vegan Cheeses that I can now buy in some shops that are local and are made by “bigger” companies.

All of these options are Soy free which I personally appreciate:

One is Violife which I find to be really good Vegan Cheese. My favourite is the Cheddar Style one. I know that Violife offers Organic Versions as well but they are actually hard to come by where I live. Apparently the grated Violife Cheese is a good substitute for Pizzas / Lasagnes. I haven’t tried it so can not really comment on this one.



The other Vegan Cheese I recently came across is the Smoked Gouda by Follow Your Heart. If you are in favour of a Smoky taste, this is your Vegan Option for Cheese.

image1 3


My most recent find is the Cheddar Vegan Cheese made by KoKo. As it is made with Coconut, it has a hint of it which bothers some people, others find it ok. So again it is up to you to have a try and see. It is also Soy free and has added B12, Calcium and D2.


image2 3


The prices of the Vegan Cheese Options vary from 2.40 GBP to 3.50 GBP, so are slightly higher in price, depending on what kind of Dairy Cheese you used to buy.

I have to say that the Vegan Movement brings so many new Products into regular supermarkets at the moment – keep your eyes open! I am sure in the next 10 years Vegan Products will have increased hugely.

The future is Vegan 🙂 .


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