A Healthy Vegan

There is always lots of Discussion around Health when Veganism is mentioned. It is either from the opposite (Omnivore) side telling a Vegan how unhealthy the Diet must be with regards to B12 or it is assumed that being Vegan must always mean you are Healthy.
Both things are a Myth. Any Diet is only as good as the Person makes it. You can have a very unhealthy Lifestyle as a Vegan and eat mainly Processed foods.
Any Processed food can be considered unhealthy and the Vegan Options are no exception to that.
Just as well when it comes to supplements and people pointing out the B12 subject, I tend to make the point that the Supplement Industry is a long standing one and is mainly serving the non Vegans.

A Balanced Diet is key, always. Our Body needs all the Nutrients, Zinc, Vitamins, Iron, Selen, Fats (Omega 3 & 6 are best). To help your Body cope with Stress, Environmental Impacts and the “wrong” Foods, Antioxidants are a key element. High concentrations are to be found in Blueberries for example (or any other dark Berries) and Dark Leafy Greens.
If you do like Matcha (I use it in my Yummie Smoothie) – it is another very good Source of it (EGCg).

One thing I would like to point out is: Go for Organic where you can. There are Options even in Lidl and Aldi in the UK if you are on a tighter Budget. The many Toxins used by “conventional” Agriculture will counterfeit your effort to live Healthy.

Sport has been a constant in my Personal Life. I am a passionate Runner, although I am struggling to get properly back into it for a year now after experiencing an injury. I still go for my Power Walks though and use my Fitness DVDs when the weather is really bad. Going for long Walks or Hill Hiking is another Passion I share with my lovely Partner – and we are in the perfect Country for that! Only three hours and we are in the Scottish Highlands.

Besides all this (and I find that rather important), we should also realise that Life is for Living and to die Healthy not necessarily the aim. A good Balance of Everything is Key I guess.

So be Happy, be Healthy but don’t forget living! Eat the Cake, have a Drink and be super lazy once in a while :).


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