It’s Waffle time :)

After years with no Waffle Iron, I treated myself and my loved ones with a super new Waffle Maker. It is a little bit more costly but I can guarantee you, you will love it! I did a little research before making my decision and mine was based on liking Belgian (square) Waffles and the many good reviews I read beforehand. So I decided for the Sage Smart Waffle Maker (for 2 Waffles). It works a treat and has many options so you can make the Waffle the way you like it! They offer the same Waffle Maker for four Waffles in one go too.

So my super yummie Waffle Recipe is pretty simple and you probably have all the ingredients in your house any day of the week 🙂

240 gr Flour
3 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Baking Powder
1 pinch Salt
2 Tsp Vinegar (Apple Cidre or else)
50-75 gr melted Vegan Butter or Coconut Oil
450 ml Almond Milk (or any other Plant Based Milk)
1/2 Tsp ground Vanilla (optional)

Since my Waffle Maker needs Zero fat for making the Waffles, I use 75 gr of Vegan Butter. If yours needs fat for the Baking, I would reduce it to 50 gr.

Mix all ingredients in a big Bowl using a large Whisk and Bake 🙂

We love our Waffles with Agave Syrup / Maple Syrup and or Ice Cream. The photo shows Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Dough Option and “plain” Vanilla Ice Cream.



Happy New 2021

It has been a while since I have published anything on my Blog. Life changed a lot in the last two years and I simply got so busy that time to do fun things was next to non existent!

First of all a very Happy New Year and Happy Veganuary! I hope you had a good time, despite the ongoing challenges we are facing.

In the last year lots of new Vegan products have come out, recipes can be found in almost any magazine now and wherever you go, there are milk alternatives in most Cafés and Vegan options on the menu. People are aware that we are not an “extremist” group of Weirdos 🙂 but have legitimate reasons for a Vegan diet and / or lifestyle.

At home I have two Omnivores who follow a Vegan diet most of the time, probably by 95 % just now. That is because Vegan food is yummie and they do not miss anything. The old fashioned view of a Vegan diet consisting of some Muesli, unseasoned Tofu or sad Salad is long gone. Yes, there will always be people who shout loudly that a Vegan diet is wrong and how we are not Vegans by nature. There are always people who feel offended by Greggs offering a Vegan Sausage Roll whilst still selling the meat Version. You probably can’t argue with these people. They do not want to hear anything for their own reasons. Maybe they secretly admit that we are right? Whatever the case: Each to their own. You will never win anyone over with just pointing fingers, with just talking about the uncomfortable truth on animal farming and dairy farming. What is convincing is what is out there, what it looks like, how it tasted and how it is full of good nutritions. Show them.

After 10 years of being a Vegan I regret nothing. I will not defend myself for my position. I will not be questioned if I do not follow Veganism to a T either. I will follow my path with passion and good food. This year I would like to explore newer recipes. As is usually the case, you get into a routine of what you are cooking, Vegans are no exceptions here! So off to new shores of the Vegan world.

I hope you have a great 2021 and come here from time to time to find new recipes, blog entries or else.

The future is Vegan.

Vegan Cheese

One thing I really missed when I became a Vegan was Cheese. At the time the Alternatives where scarce and also really really bad. In fact they were awful. As I like a hearty breakfast, I found great Vegetable Spreads made of Pumpkin, Aubergine, Tomatoes etc.

In the past 3 years things have changed and there are now some really good Vegan Cheeses around. Not all of them are available in the UK and some really locally produced and sold (which I like) but I am convinced that this will change in the near future.

There are many books out there now to make your own Vegan Cheese which I always found a wee bit inconvenient for myself as it takes time to make them, in some cases you need a Dehydrator etc. But everybody’s personal situation is different. For a family of 4 or 5 people, it would probably be beneficial to make your own Vegan Cheese.

There are 3 Vegan Cheeses that I can now buy in some shops that are local and are made by “bigger” companies.

All of these options are Soy free which I personally appreciate:

One is Violife which I find to be really good Vegan Cheese. My favourite is the Cheddar Style one. I know that Violife offers Organic Versions as well but they are actually hard to come by where I live. Apparently the grated Violife Cheese is a good substitute for Pizzas / Lasagnes. I haven’t tried it so can not really comment on this one.



The other Vegan Cheese I recently came across is the Smoked Gouda by Follow Your Heart. If you are in favour of a Smoky taste, this is your Vegan Option for Cheese.

image1 3


My most recent find is the Cheddar Vegan Cheese made by KoKo. As it is made with Coconut, it has a hint of it which bothers some people, others find it ok. So again it is up to you to have a try and see. It is also Soy free and has added B12, Calcium and D2.


image2 3


The prices of the Vegan Cheese Options vary from 2.40 GBP to 3.50 GBP, so are slightly higher in price, depending on what kind of Dairy Cheese you used to buy.

I have to say that the Vegan Movement brings so many new Products into regular supermarkets at the moment – keep your eyes open! I am sure in the next 10 years Vegan Products will have increased hugely.

The future is Vegan 🙂 .

Vegan Scones

If you live in Scotland or travel to the UK, there is one thing you will come across: Scones!
Almost every Café will offer them in different varieties. Traditionally they are plain or sweetened with raisins and eaten with Jam, Butter & Clotted Cream.
Savoury Scones usually are with Cheese and often eaten with Soups or Salads.

They are one of my favourites when it comes to a Treat and I make a batch from time to time and freeze them so we can easily defrost them on a Sunday and enjoy them.

The traditional recipe has little ingredients but surely not all of them are Vegan. A wee while ago I came across a lovely and easily made Vegan Version that my son and I love!
Quickly made and you probably have all those ingredients in the house anyway!

Here is how I make them (makes 12 small one or approximately 8 medium sized ones):
Preheat the oven to 200 °C

450 gr self raising flour
40  gr icing sugar
200 ml Coconut Milk
200 ml Soda Water
1 pinch of Vanilla powder

Mix the flour with the sugar and Vanilla in a bowl, then add the Coconut Milk and the Soda Water. Take a knife (a regular one that you would eat with) and “cut” the dough together. It will take a wee while. The dough should be sticky but not runny.
Knead the dough together on a surface with flour, then roll out to approx. 3 cm thickness. I use a drinking glass dipped into flour to cut out the rounds which usually works very well.
Place on a baking tray with Parchment Paper and brush the top either with some Coconut Milk (if you have any left) or some plant based Milk as an alternative.

Place in the hot oven for about 20 – 30 minutes, depending on your oven. They should be golden brown and risen. Place on a wire rack to cool.

I eat my Scones with Jam only, but if you need the “Clotted Cream” there is Soy Cream, Oat Cram or Coconut Cream which will complement the Jam.

I hope you enjoy baking those Scones yourself!

Vegan Cheesecake

I admit it, I used to love Cheesecake when I was Vegetarian. The one you make with “Quark”. As my son loved it equally, I often ended up buying my own cake that I had baked for Kindergarten or School Summer Fests as a Sponsor!

When I became a Vegan, I found it very hard to find the right substitute for Curd Cheese or Quark as it is commonly known. I tried many things but not all results were satisfying.
I eventually made my own Substitute using Cashews with probiotics which is lovely but surely very rich in calories.

My newest attempt was to use Coconut Yogurt mixed with Oat based Crème Fraiche. That really worked although next time I will also add Aquafaba to get a result a wee bit more fluffy.
However, here is my recipe:
Preheat the oven to 200 °C.

For the dough:

150 gr Flour
5 Tbsp Sugar
1 pinch of Salt
70 gr Vegan Butter
3 Tbsp plant based milk (I used Almond)

Mix all ingredients together by hand. Roll the dough on a floured surface with a Pin roller and add to a baking tin (18 cm in diameter)
Use a fork to pinch the dough so it can bake through properly.

For the filling:

60 gr. Vegan Butter
90 gr. Sugar
90 gr. ground Almonds
80 gr. Starch (I used Potato Starch)
Zest from 1 Lemon
1 pinch of baking powder
1-2 Tbsp Coconut Flour
1 pinch of ground Vanilla
400 gr. Coconut Yogurt
75 gr. plant based Crème Fraiche
You can also use some Vegan Egg for the colour.

Place the Butter and Sugar in a bowl and mix together until smooth. Add the other ingredients and stir together with a cooking spoon.
Pour the filling into the baking tin and place into the oven for approximately 45 minutes.
I used some of the dough to cut out some hearts which I placed on top of the filling. I also covered the cake for the first 30 minutes of the bake as I know my oven is very quick.

When the Cake is baked, switch off the oven, open the door a wee bit and let the Cake cool in the oven for some time. It might still sink in (like mine did) but if you are lucky, it won’t.

You can freeze the Cake should you not eat it within a couple of days. It is best stored in the Fridge or another cool place.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

The Eco Vegan – Alternative to Cling Film

Before I decided to follow a Vegan Lifestyle, I was already trying to live Eco friendly. For me this was buying Organic Produce as well as Organic Cleaning Products and Cosmetics. Since then the market has immensely grown and almost every regular Supermarket stocks Eco friendly Options.

One of the things I still struggled with though was cling film. I always try to just cover up a bowl with an upside down plate to keep things fresh but for some food this simply doesn’t work.
The same goes for Bread or Cake which I either had to wrap in Cling Film or Aluminium Foil.
In 2018 I tumbled over a new product – an Eco friendly reusable Wrap. Unfortunately every single product I found was produced using Bees Wax, which made me decide not to buy it.

Today I was happy to see that there now is a Vegan Version of this kind of Wrap! Yay!
I bought two of them as one is large (for Bread etc.) and the other pack had two smaller Wraps to cover bowls or other containers.

It is so pleasant to see how the Vegan market seems to be growing by the day and that more and more people consider and Eco-friendly approach.

So in the UK, you can now buy the product as shown below. I found mine in Real Foods in Edinburgh, but I am sure there must be many other Health Food Shops around who will sell them. I am also sure that there are companies in every Country on the Globe now which will offer a similar alternative. Keep your eyes open!

As always, I am happy about any Feedback from my Followers.

Vegan in Winter

Winter holds all of us firmly in it’s grip these days and colds and flus are going around everywhere. The best way to avoid any of this is a robust immune system which comes – in my view – with Exercise and good Nutrition.
I personally crave more Carbohydrates in Winter and I love my hot Soups! It is always good to listen to your body – it knows best what it needs.

So how do I try to stay healthy in the winter months? I still exercise – running that is – no matter the weather or temperature. Unless it is raining Cats and Dogs 🙂 .
Even a brisk walk is better than not working out at all and luckily I do have some good DVDs and a Stepper in the House, should it be dreadful out there.

In terms of nutrition, I try to focus on my Vitamin C intake which we all know is so important to avoid any infections and / or help our body if we caught one.

Here are some of the Foods that have very high concentrations of Vitamin C and are easily available. There are some that are much higher in Vitamin C but not easy to find hence I left those out.

Parsley                                            0,16 gr / 100 gr
Brussel Sprouts                             0,12 gr / 100 gr
Pepper (red)                                   0,10 gr / 100 gr
Broccoli                                           0,09 gr / 100 gr
Kiwi                                                 0,06 gr / 100 gr
Lemon / Orange                            0,05 gr / 100 gr

All these you should be able to find in local Supermarkets and even smaller “Express” Stores! I usually try to find the Organic Version as I am a convinced Organic Buyer.

Another important Vitamin is Vitamin D. Many people, especially in Winter, are insufficient in Vitamin D. Our body can not produce it unless exposed to the Sun and that’s the tricky part during this time of the year. If you are lucky enough to live in a Sun rich country, then you should get enough Vitamin D throughout the year. Up North, where I live, you have to make an effort. If you have the chance to be exposed approx. 30 mins to the Sun each day, your Vitamin D will be perfect. Otherwise probably not.
So the only way in the dark days is as Supplement which you can get online or at a Health Store. I am very bad with pills so I try the “exposure” approach and even though people think, it always rains in Scotland, I can assure you that it does not 😉

Eating the Rainbow in Winter is very easy these days as the world has become a small place. We can get almost every Fruit and Vegetable all year around. I try a sustainable approach in my life and act Eco-friendly. But my glitch actually is fruit. Blueberries, in Winter. Yes, I admit it, I buy them. In Winter. So you see, nobody is perfect, not even the Vegans 😉 .
However, try to eat as natural as you can in Winter. Cale and Cabbage are nutritious Foods and easy to cook and prepare in advance. Potatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Parsnip, Turnips, Onions are great Winter Vegetables for Stews and Soups. If you want to only buy local, there are Veg-Boxes schemes from Organic farmers and they are normally delivered to your door free of charge, without packaging and a box returning scheme.

So stay healthy, keep fit and your immune system in good shape too!


Besides being a passionate Vegan and Runner, I am also a passionate Photographer. I recently bought a new camera and whenever I get a chance, I go out and take shots. My photos are mostly about Nature as I am lucky to live in Scotland which has so much to offer!

A typical Scottish Sky in Autumn

Old Bell on a Golf Course

Plants at Arthur’s Seat

I have been told I have a natural talent for Photography although when I wanted to become a professional Photographer in my Teenage years, I was told that I couldn’t because of an eye condition I have since birth. I think those people were wrong, however, I pursued a different career afterwards.


Ferry Ride

Iron Trees

Window with a View

I thought it would be nice to share some of my Photos here and you might appreciate them. I might start running a Website solely for my Photos or might offer them to stock sides, I haven’t made up my mind yet.


However, please remember that I hold all the rights to my Photos. Should you wish to use any of these, I’d kindly remind you to ask my permission for them. I am very likely to grant it 😉 .

I appreciate any Feedback on this “Off Topic” and hope I can encourage you to pick up a new or an old Hobby of yours. It is so much fun!


Happy New Year!

It is 2019, yay! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a good start to this year. I had a quiet time and enjoyed it thoroughly. Reading, knitting, running and not having to be woken up by the alarm is a nice change.
So now back to the routine. My body is craving to get back into “cleaner” eating. I like to indulge at Christmas time but I have to admit that the Sugar and the amount of Carbohydrates I consumed is something my body is not too happy with. So this was my annual glitch and I am looking forward to my usual diet again.
There will be many new Vegan Products on the market this year and Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Sainsbury’s in the UK are all increasing their Vegan range. Even Greggs has a Vegan Sausage now. I have to say, I won’t try it as I am no fan of Greggs and personally not necessarily need a Vegan Sausage. But maybe I miss out, who knows?

So this entry is only to say Happy New Year! I really hope that all you plan for or want to do in 2019 comes true.

Thanks for keep reading my blog and don’t be shy to comment if you like.


Vegans on the rise

Happy Days! Wherever I turn, I see more and more awareness of the Vegan Lifestyle and statistics how that in the UK Vegans have quadrupled. There are many Vegan magazines informing you about Vegan Foods, Nutritions, Cleaning Products and Cosmetics.
Starbucks offers two Vegan Sandwiches now and some Vegan Cake or biscuits, Sainsbury’s Vegan range is growing and Waitrose has just increased their Vegan Products as well!
Some campaigners try to get the Scottish Government to offer a Vegan option in Hospitals and Schools which I think is great if that happens.

I went to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh this week-end and they offer a full High Tea in a Vegan version and it turned out, that our waiter was Vegan himself.

And very recently, a 87-year  (!) old friend put a page from a local Newspaper through my door, naming all the restaurants in Edinburgh who are either Vegan or Vegan friendly. How great is that?

So the future looks bright!!

. People get more of an awareness and being a Vegan is no longer “alien” to people.

I shared my self made Vegan Christmas biscuits with many non-vegans and they all liked them and actually could not make a difference in terms of taste towards what they usually eat.

My future will be Vegan for sure. My new project will have Veganism at it’s heart and I hope many of you will support it.

The future is Vegan my friends!