Vegans on the rise

Happy Days! Wherever I turn, I see more and more awareness of the Vegan Lifestyle and statistics how that in the UK Vegans have quadrupled. There are many Vegan magazines informing you about Vegan Foods, Nutritions, Cleaning Products and Cosmetics.
Starbucks offers two Vegan Sandwiches now and some Vegan Cake or biscuits, Sainsbury’s Vegan range is growing and Waitrose has just increased their Vegan Products as well!
Some campaigners try to get the Scottish Government to offer a Vegan option in Hospitals and Schools which I think is great if that happens.

I went to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh this week-end and they offer a full High Tea in a Vegan version and it turned out, that our waiter was Vegan himself.

And very recently, a 87-year Β (!) old friend put a page from a local Newspaper through my door, naming all the restaurants in Edinburgh who are either Vegan or Vegan friendly. How great is that?

So the future looks bright!!

. People get more of an awareness and being a Vegan is no longer “alien” to people.

I shared my self made Vegan Christmas biscuits with many non-vegans and they all liked them and actually could not make a difference in terms of taste towards what they usually eat.

My future will be Vegan for sure. My new project will have Veganism at it’s heart and I hope many of you will support it.

The future is Vegan my friends!




Vegan Deco

As Advent time is drawing closer and we already see Christmas Decoration everywhere, I thought I would give you an idea of what my vegan Deco looks like.
We still do the traditional four candles for each Advent Sunday before Christmas. Sometimes I use a traditional wreath made of Fir branches, sometimes I take a more modern approach.

This year we decided to go for four different colours for the candles. To do some decoration on them I simply used things I found outside while running or going for a walk and old strings that I always keep when I buy something. So almost free Deco!

I am really looking forward to this time of year. So far up north the days are short in winter time and candles and fairy lights essential.

My next blog will be about Christmas biscuits! I already started to bake them and they are a super yummie treat! Keep an eye out for new blogs πŸ™‚




A true Vegan?

When you embark on your journey to become a Vegan, the starting point very often is food. Cutting out all things Vegan is a challenge for some people and an easier switch for others. I have met people who were Vegan for a while and switched back to being a Vegetarian or Omnivore. They all have their own reasons, sometimes excuses more like, but in the end we all make our own choices.

Of course Veganism isn’t solely about Food. It is about exploitation of animals, health views or environmental impacts.
From my experience, people who started a Vegan journey would, straight away, or more often after a while, also look into different areas of their lives to make amends towards a Vegan lifestyle.
Animal content is almost everywhere. Animal testing is still a big thing in today’s industry, the Cosmetical and Pharmaceutical.

After I made the transition in the things I ate, I went into my Cosmetics and made changes there. Then in terms of household cleaners, washing liquids etc.

Fashion is another topic. What do you do with everything you already own? All your shoes, your feather beds? Your wollen Coat?

Again, it is your choice and yours alone. If you throw away all those things, no animal is saved or helped as you already own and use these things and might have done for some time.

In my early years of becoming a Vegan, I often was confronted with this question by (mostly) non Vegans. In some heated debates I was accused of not being a “true Vegan” if I wasn’t giving up everything the other person considered I had to give up.

I am and always was of the opinion that there is not such thing as a “true” or “right” Vegan or a “correct” way of being one.
When you are Vegetarian, people are very flexible in what your options are. You can eat fish or not, eat eggs or not, eat dairy or not.
As a Vegan, you do have the same choice. It is solely up to you of how far you want to go with all things Vegan in your life. You can go as far as asking yourself if the company owner you buy your products from is Vegan himself or his employees or do you support someone who isn’t?

It always comes down to: YOU.
You have made the choice for yourself for your own reasons. No one is the judge of why and how you follow this decision. You might falter in between, you might not. You might “only” follow a Vegan diet. You might go down all the road and not even use a car as you might kill insects on the motorway.
Whatever your choice, follow it with your whole heart. Make amends if you need to, make amends if you want to, but never make amends because of other people’s expectations.

I once heard an interview with a Vegan Chef, confronted with the statement that Veganism was only a fashion. His reply was:
“The animal doesn’t care why it is not being killed.”

And they don’t.

So be happy, be the Vegan you want to be, in the way you choose πŸ™‚

Matcha Smoothie

I am not a big fan when it comes to green Smoothies. I know they are very big right now and I am aware of the health benefits. I have tried some of them and for some reason don’t like them very much.

Having said that, there is one green Smoothie that I love! My Matcha Smoothie.
Matcha is a green Tea from Japan which is made from the green leaves. Meaning, when you consume the tea you actually consume the leaves. There are many different qualities around and of course the higher the quality, the more you pay. I usually go for the medium quality as I do not drink it as a pure tea.
Matcha has great health benefits as it holds a lot of Antioxidants. It is also believed to help prevent cancer. For more information, please follow the link.

Green Tea and Cancer

As far as my favourite Matcha Smoothie goes, there are only a few ingredients:

1-2 Bananas (depending on their size)
1 tsp Matcha
1-2 tsps Agave Syrup (or Rice/Maple/Apple Syrup)
1 pinch of powdered Vanilla
250 – 300 ml Almond Milk

I always keep frozen Banana in my freezer and add 1-2 pieces into the blender. If you use Β ice cubes, the taste will be watered down somewhat. I also add Pistachio Protein Powder sometimes to make it a Matcha-Protein Smoothie. Just try your own Version.

Put all in a High Speed Blender and blend for approx 15 seconds on the highest level. Done!
I hope you enjoy it as much as me πŸ™‚



The New Vegan

Seven years ago I made the decision of changing my life to become a Vegan. To be fair, in the beginning, I only thought about food. My conscience grew with this change and I started to extend my Vegan lifestyle after a wee while in other areas as well.

In those first weeks and months though I was super enthusiastic! I told many people about my decision and got mixed reactions. The variation went from “great” to “crazy”. Comments probably all Vegans have heard would be

I could never give up cheese.

What do you eat?

This is too extreme!

I could never do that.

Just to name a few…..

During this period I think I could not understand why people did not feel the same way as I did when it came to the consequences of our food consumption. Looking back, I think I felt like I opened my eyes for the first time and wanted others to do the same. The effect of trying to do so had as different outcomes as my telling the people about my decision. Some thought that my reasons were good and right, but they still would not want to make the change, others got very offensive, but rather in a defensive way. My guess was that they knew that what I said were the ugly facts, but they did not want to feel offended by being confronted with the truth. In rare cases I was accused of trying to offend others. I wasn’t. When asked I simply gave my reasons – I was the messenger.

However, after a while I thought this is the wrong approach. I decided to rather live by example as often the truth behind today’s western lifestyle was something people did not want to hear. This doesn’t mean that I don’t tell people any longer. I do, but in a different way.

I started bringing Vegan food to the office or at a family gathering. And I saw that some people made changes, if small ones. The curious people tried new things and were surprised of how their opinion of being a Vegan was totally wrong.

Having said all that, I got a lot of support as well. I remember going to a friend’s house and finding a Vegan cake baked just because it was me visiting. And this friend is still and Omnivore. So people did care about my being Vegan and tried to make amends and it was and is appreciated.

Today I am much more relaxed about being a Vegan and communicating it. I am as dedicated but my attitude towards other people has changed. We all are allowed our own choices, finding our own ways in life. I’d rather be an Ambassador of how nice a Vegan lifestyle is, than only focussing on the ugly side of not being one.

A positive attitude is always the better option, in all areas of your life. Anger gets us nowhere, but kindness and love does.