My favourite Cosmetics

The world of Vegan Cosmetics has changed as much as Vegan Options in General. Every time I am reading a magazine, a new product is out. Even the big corporations have adapted the Cruelty Free and / or Vegan Options.
Be aware that Cruelty Free means it is not tested on animals but might still contain animal produce!
More often than not companies that go Cruelty Free also are Vegan.

Throughout the Years I have tried several Companies and seem to have settled with the ones below. This is due to my Lifestyle as a runner (all year round in Scotland!) and the fact that I have very sensitive skin. I am not a fan of Five different Creams for your Face. I also don’t use a lot of Make-up so I do not have lot of “Remove-Products”.

Also my Beauty Routine changes depending on the time of year. In the Summer months, I love to use a Serum Product and / or a Fluid and in the Winter months a Cream.

So here come my favourite Brands:

Lavera: Absolutely Love them! They have started as one of the first to produce Natural Beauty Products and have a large Vegan Range. Their Produce is so good that I actually do not use their “Sensitive Range”.

Weleda: I mainly use their Hand Cream and Deodorant, sometimes their Almond BodyLotion which is heavenly! Weleda is more pricy than Lavera but still not as expensive as other Companies!

John Masters Organics: I LOVE their “Hair Spray”. It is actually a Styling Product that can be used in wet or dry Hair. Not a Spray but used with a Pump. I use it for some years now and am super Happy with it. I also use their Hair Milk which is fantastic and nourishes the Hair. My Hair Dresser always comments on how healthy my hair looks – although I use a Hairdryer daily (in Winter).

Green People: They make some of the best Shampoos on the market. Again: Their price appears high but you only need a small amount which you will learn quickly.

Rituals: They have created a total Vegan Beauty Range last year and I really really like it! At the moment I use their Eye Fluid and Eye Cream, both work very well.

This is a selection of what I use – I will do another Post on this later with more Products.