Travelling as a Vegan

I love travelling! The excitement of new places, different cultures, meeting new people and learning new things is in my Genes. As a Vegan it can be tricky to travel abroad, depending where you go. The United States and Germany for example are very advanced when it comes to Veganism. Other countries, like France, can prove a challenge. However, it depends on how strict of a Vegan you choose to be. If you do not mind to make the choice of a Vegetarian option, it is actually quite easy. Having said that, most of the time there are ways to get something Vegan on your plate.

As someone who likes to be prepared, I always, travelling far or just leaving the house, have a snack in my bag. Mostly this would be a nut bar or even taking my own sandwich with me. I don’t see this as a hassle as I do prepare 99% of my food anyway.

The easiest way is self-catering during your holiday of course when it comes to Vegan food. It might also be much cheaper than going out all the time.

But there are options available and I will share my experience of travelling as a Vegan with you. Just follow me :).



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