Easy Lunch!

Veganuary has well started and I guess You will see many ads online. I am pleased with it!

Life is full of appointments, deadlines, work, family and much more so cooking or making your own lunch seems time consuming. Maybe try and shift your mindset a wee bit here. You take time to fill up your car, you take time to do your sports and too many people take too much time watching too much TV / Shows. Think of it this way: Fuelling your Body is important. Fuelling your Body with good and the right nutrients is also very important. You need your Body and it does great work every Day! Self care is not only going to a massage or workout, it is also taking care of what we Eat.

So here is one of my favourite Lunches – made in approx. 5 minutes! (To take it to work, you can pre-fry the Tofu, and take the rest with you to assemble in your Work kitchen)
You will need:

1 Slice of Bread
1 Avocado, mashed and seasoned (I use Salt and freshly ground black Pepper)
1 small Tomato
Smoked Tofu, diced
Chili Flakes (if you like them)

Toast the Bread, Peel, Smash and season the Avocado, dice the Tomato and Fry the Tofu in either a little bit of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Assemble and add Chili Flakes. Done!
Really yummie, Healthy and very quickly made.



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